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ComingSoon spoke to They/Them stars Cooper Koch, Darwin del Fabro, Monique Kim, and Anna Lore about Peacock’s upcoming slasher set at a conversion camp. The film is now available on the streamer.

“Kevin Bacon plays Owen Whistler in this slasher horror film set at an LGBTQIA+ conversion camp,” says the synopsis. “Several queer and trans campers join Whistler for a week of programming intended to ‘help them find a new sense of freedom.’ As the camp’s methods become increasingly more psychologically unsettling, the campers must work together to protect themselves. When a mysterious killer starts claiming victims, things get even more dangerous.”


Tyler Treese: Cooper, there’s a great scene in the film where you’re all singing “Effing Perfect” by p!nk, and it seemed like you had the biggest blast singing that. Is that even acting at that point, or are you just having fun doing some karaoke?

Cooper Koch: No, it was so fun. That’s really also the turning point for Stu, that’s when Stu figures it out.

Darwin, there’s a montage of all the camp participants doing camp activities: tug of war and playing games like that. What were the highlights of those activities for you?

Darwin del Fabro: I think having everyone together, just having fun and breathing. It’s Georgia, like nature, and [to] be around that … I’m from New York, so I don’t have that every day. So it’s just having fun a little, and putting myself in that summer camp that I never had in Brazil….

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