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A Stranger in Town is a 1943 comedy-drama political film that will have you on the edge of your seat. Frank Morgan of Wizard of Oz fame stars! With its vintage-looking colorization, may you feel you are in the golden era of Hollywood! We colorize using AI, artificial intelligence making the old meet the new. Thank you for visiting with us! Every subscription helps us restore another one of these gems into color for a new generation to enjoy!

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A Stranger in Town (1943)
Runtime:67 minutes
Director: Roy Rowland
Country:United States
John Josephus Grant
Bill Adams
Lucy Gilbert
Judge Austin Harkley
Mayor Connison
Vinnie Z. Blaxton
Tom Cooney
Roscoe Swade
Homer Todds
Charles Craig
Rating: vote average (912 votes)
Genres:Comedy, Drama, Romance
(original screenplay) and
(original screenplay)
Keywords:b movie, supreme court justice, low budget film, 1940s, deception
Production company:
(controlled by Loew's Incorporated)
In a small corrupt town, an honest crusading lawyer running for mayor gets unexpected help from a tourist who happens to be a Supreme Court judge.
In the small town of Crown Port local attorney Bill Adams is trying to break up the ring of corrupt town officials by running for mayor. The cards seemed stacked against him when he gets help from a visiting hunter who, unknown to Adams and the rest of the town, is actually vacationing supreme court justice John Josephus Grant.
Taglines: « HE'S ON THE SIDE OF LAW, ORDER...AND LOVE! (original print ad-all caps) » , « LAUGHS, THRILLS AND HEART-THROBS IN A GRAND PICTURE! (original print ad-all caps) » , « Love and the law in a terrific tangle! It's Frank Morgan's heart-warming best! (original print ad) »
Also known as: A Stranger in Town ( Canada ), A Stranger in Town ( United Kingdom ), A Stranger in Town ( United States ), El ilustre incógnito ( Mexico )


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