A Tale Of America’s Fascist Backslide

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Olivia Wilde’s second feature showcases the intriguing performances of Florence Pugh and Harry Styles as an idyllic couple whose bond is shaken by the truth of their all-too-perfect existence.

By Lex Briscuso

When you imagine your perfect life, you might not imagine one where everything looks like a Slim Aarons photo, but after seeing Olivia Wilde’s second feature film, Don’t Worry Darling, you’ll want to inhabit just that kind of stylistic world. Well, at least for the first twenty minutes of the film. Wilde’s second directorial attempt shifts genres from comedy (her first feature, Booksmart, was the female answer to Superbad) to psychological thriller, and the world she creates is, at its core, far from the beauty and magic it seems to present to its inhabitants at first glance.

Florence Pugh shines in a tour de force leading performance, giving us another absorbing turn as a woman who cannot trust those around her, while Harry Styles plays opposite her with a warm magnetism that pulls you all the way in until you, like Pugh, are stuck in a place you never wanted to go. Don’t Worry Darling is one hell of an adventure, and the consequences will both shake you and leave you feeling like, in 2022, the film’s disturbing plotline isn’t too far from plausible in the real world — which, in a way, makes this movie more of a horror film than the scariest ghost stories….

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