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Oh, the captivating Bette Davis, in this classic film!
Hell’s House is a 1932 American Pre-Code drama movie featuring Junior Durkin, starring Bette Davis and directed by Howard Higgin. A powerful message for the time!

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Hell's House (1932)
Runtime:72 minutes
Director: Howard Higgin
Country:United States
Peggy Gardner
Matt Kelly
Jimmy Mason
Emma Clark
Henry Clark
Frank Gebhardt
Captain of the Guard
Judge Robinson
Superintendant Charles Thompson
Rating: vote average (1'382 votes)
(adaptation) &
producer (uncredited)
Keywords:death of mother, mother, 14 year old, 14 year old boy, brickyard
Production company:
Jimmy idolizes bootlegger Matt, and when he refuses to implicate his friend, he is sent to reform school. He befriends Shorty, a boy with a heart condition, and escapes to let the world know about the brutal conditions.
Jimmy Mason idolizes bootlegger Matt Kelly who is dating Peggy. Unwilling to squeal on his idol, Jimmy winds up in a cruel reformatory where a new- found friend is dying from abuse. Jimmy escapes to report the abuse. Matt and Peggy help him once he has escaped.
Peggy Gardner : If you'd give the kid a chance, Kelly, he might amount to something, instead of always thinking about yourself.

Peggy Gardner : Any time you feel lonesome, come and see me.

[first lines]
Lucy Mason : Jimmy!
Jimmy Mason : What do you want, Mom?
Lucy Mason : Will you take those things off the line, dear? I have to take back Mrs. Miller's wash.
Taglines: « EXPOSED! The Grim Joke of Justice! (Print Ad- Syracuse Journal, ((Syracuse NY)) 18 May 1932) » , « A HUMAN SYMPHONY FOR ALL AGES (Print Ad- Reading Eagle, ((Reading, Penna.)) 9 April 1932) » , « Do We Dare Tell the Truth on the Screen...Our Answer Is A FEARLESS DRAMA FOR GROWN UPS AND THE KIDDIES (Print Ad-Buffalo Courier-Express, ((Buffalo, NY)) 30 April 1932) »
Also known as: Hell's House ( United States ), La maison de l'enfer ( Belgium - reissue title ), La maison de l'enfer ( France - DVD Title ), A Casa Infernal ( Brazil )


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