Cinematography in ‘It Follows’ Trains You To Be Paranoid

Film School RejectsSource: Film School Rejects

By Meg Shields

2014’s It Follows never hides the fact that its interests lie in the 1980s; that its conversation partner is, first and foremost, the kind of slashers that sacrifice sexual deviants and reward resilient virginity.

If the film passed you by (or is collecting dust on your watchlist), here’s the gist: after hooking up with date, Jay (Maika Monroe) finds herself the newest victim of a horrifying disease. Something is stalking her now. It can look like anybody. And it’s coming to kill her. As long as Jay keeps moving, she’ll be fine. But when the creature keeps clipping Jay’s heels, she and her pals must find a way to divert the curse to someone else…

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