‘Good Night Oppy’: A Heartwarming Doc

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With a major technical assist from ILM, Ryan White’s new documentary premiering at Telluride goes from Pasadena to Mars following the life and work of rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

Amazon’s Good Night Oppy is likely to be sold to audiences on the strength of its adorably anthropomorphic robotic protagonist and ambitious surface-of-Mars special effects from the wizards at ILM. But the appeal of Ryan White’s endearing and emotional documentary is much more grounded.

Good Night Oppy is a lively celebration of unabashed nerdiness and enthusiastic problem-solving, the sort of movie that feels designed to attract Wall-E-loving children, who can then be shaped into the engineers and astrophysicists of the future. It’s a glossy advertisement for NASA and JPL — I thought of Disney+’s recent ILM documentary/commercial Light & Magic more than a few times while watching — but it comes by its waves of emotion honestly.

Good Night Oppy

The Bottom Line A love letter to geeky problem-solving….

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