Jude Law’s Mystery Role Revealed?

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A new report has revealed some fresh insight into Jude Law’s Star Wars role.

Skeleton Crew is one of many Star Wars projects on the horizon, particularly in the streaming sphere. Fans were treated to a first look at the show’s production in September, and rumors about the potential plot have already begun circulating the internet.

But beyond a still photo and online speculation, any information about Jon Watt’s Skeleton Crew has been sparse.

Regardless, the only substantial and confirmed detail about the Disney+ show is that it will focus on a group of children traveling the galaxy and trying to make their way back home. Supposedly, the show will be a throwback in some form to 1980s “coming-of-age” classics like The Goonies and Stand By Me.

Now, a new report has shed some more light on how Jude Law will fit into the Disney+ project. This even includes some information about how The Goonies have shaped this highly anticipated, yet mysterious, Star Wars entry…

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