New Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode Guides Are Here!

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The Empire is everywhere.

The thrilling two-part mid-season event for Star Wars: The Bad Batch arrived on Disney+ today, “The Clone Conspiracy” and “Truth & Consequences.” And now you can immerse yourself in the official episode guides for the first half of the season.

We reunited with Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, and Omega, in the two-part premiere “Spoils of War” and “Ruins of War,” which took us back to Serenno in search of Count Dooku’s war chest. In “The Solitary Clone,” Commander Cody and Crosshair went on their own mission for the Imperial regime. This season, Clone Force 99 has been on several heart-pumping missions in “Faster” and “Entombed,” and “Tribe.” With the latest episodes taking us back to the heart of the Empire, Coruscant, for “The Clone Conspiracy” and “Truth & Consequences,” the season takes a tumultuous turn for the galaxy at large and the fate of every clone soldier…

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