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Rosario Dawson: Unfinished Business With Marvel

Rosario Dawson: Unfinished Business With Marvel

The Hollywood ReporterSource: The Hollywood Reporter

From DC and Marvel to Star Wars and Tarantino, Rosario Dawson is considered royalty to fans of genre storytelling. Ahead of her return to the big screen in Kevin Smith’s Clerks III, Dawson credits 2006’s Clerks II as one of a few of projects that made it all possible. After her debut appearance for Frank Miller’s Sin City in 2004, Clerks II gave Dawson another memorable introduction to genre fans at San Diego Comic-Con in 2006, where she forever endeared herself to those in attendance by singing during the film’s Hall H panel, in order to kill time for Smith, who was running late.

Dawson’s Clerks II character, Becky Scott, was visibly pregnant with Dante Hicks’ (Brian O’Halloran) child at the end of the second chapter, so fans are destined to be shocked when they learn the status of their relationship in Clerks III. Bear in mind, a very different version of Clerks III was written years earlier, but Smith’s own brush with death in 2018 prompted the filmmaker to reconceive the entire project.

“Kevin had a version of the [Clerks III] script floating around. He had written it a few years ago, but it ended up not happening, which was devastating. And then he had a widowmaker heart attack; we almost lost him,” Dawson tells The Hollywood Reporter. “He put that whole experience into this [Clerks III], and he brought Becky back in a very controversial way … But it was heartbreaking, and it also just felt really special and important and magical.”…

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