The Acolyte Gets Filming Update

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Star Wars will soon bring the High Republic to live-action as Disney+’s The Acolyte series finally has some exciting news after months of disappointing delays.

Most of Star Wars’ Disney+ endeavors so far have explored familiar faces in the timeline of the famous Skywalker Saga, but that’s all about to change. After seeing a major push on the publishing side, the High Republic will soon be coming to live-action with The Acolyte, a mystery-thriller exploring the emergence of the Sith.

The secretive project – which will star Amandla Stenberg as “Aura,” which may be a codename – has suffered constant delays since its December 2020 reveal. The first timetable that emerged last summer pointed toward The Acolyte getting in front of the cameras this February, but that never came to be.

Further delays went on to push the Lucasfilm production to Summer 2022 and then eventually October 2022 as casting continued. Now, as October comes to a close, more news has surfaced on the series, and things are finally beginning to look up for the first live-action dive into the High Republic….

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