The Bad Batch Refuse to Follow Orders

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By Brad Gullickson

Star Wars Explained is our ongoing series where we delve into the latest Star Wars shows, movies, trailers, and news stories to divine the franchise’s future. This entry examines The Bad Batch season two finale, “Plan 99,” and why its bummer ending totally aligns with its franchise mission statement.

These days, The Mandalorian seems to command the Star Wars discourse, but hopefully, many of you have kept one eye directed toward The Bad Batch. While most internet chatter revolved around Zeb Orrelios’ live-action debut in Mandalorian Chapter 21, another section cried out in pain as The Bad Batch‘s second season delivered an absolutely heartbreaking season finale. “Plan 99” saw Tech sacrifice himself to save his family. Omega was snatched up and imprisoned in the same science facility as her brother Crosshair. And Crosshaird didn’t utter a word during the entire runtime.

Those watching probably anticipated a victorious reunion with the morally challenged Crosshair rather than a cliffhanger that shattered the squad. Sunny endings, however, were never The Bad Batch‘s deal. Placed during the darkest hour along the Star Wars timeline, when the Empire wrestled control from the Old Republic, Lucasfilm’s latest animated series challenged hope with every turn. Doin’ good when it’s all good is one thing. Doin’ good when it’s all bad is something totally different…

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