The Last Page (aka Man Bait 1952)

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The Last Page (aka Man Bait) (1952) - Trailer


The married owner of a bookstore is attracted to his sexy blonde clerk. He finally gives in to temptation and makes a pass at her, but that only results in him getting enmeshed in blackmail and murder.

Directed by Terence Fisher.
Written by James Hadley Chase (story) and Frederick Knott (screenplay).
Starring George Brent, Marguerite Chapman and Raymond Huntley.

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I created this channel just because i really like classic movies and i just felt like sharing. There may be plenty of movies here that you haven’t seen or heard of, so the trailers may help you find something new to watch.

Here you will find a number of trailers, clips and title sequences from classic films of various genres and a small number of full movies too.


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