The Nutcracker And The Magic Flute (2022 Movie) Trailer

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The Nutcracker and the Magic Flute (2022 Movie) Official Trailer - Lyubov Aksyonova, Fedor Fedotov


The Nutcracker and the Magic Flute – Watch trailer now! Available on Digital and On Demand November 15, 2022. Starring Lyubov Aksyonova and Fedor Fedotov.

The beloved holiday tale gets a thrilling new twist in this dazzling family adventure. One winter’s night, Marie makes a wish that shrinks her down to pint-sized and brings her toys to life—including a brave nutcracker named George. Marie and her toys follow George through a portal into the Land of Flowers, which has been taken over by a rat queen. Now, with time running out, they must solve puzzles to find the Magic Flute, break the curse, and free the citizens of this enchanted land.

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