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Another CULT CLASSIC from the 70’s! / The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)



On this episode of Weird Movies With Mark, I talk about The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)

Credits Music by: OVERWERK

0:00 Intro
0:57 Quick character intros
2:22 A “little” drink
4:11 Deceitful Dan
5:34 The best distraction
7:19 I don’t know what the air force is doing
7:54 Swass attack
9:02 It’s a rock!
10:32 Dr. Vance
10:46 Skeleton hand
11:31 Mix it up
12:18 The good stuff is coming
12:44 The good stuff starts
14:10 Worthless tip
14:26 Black hole
14:51 Dan’s demise
14:59 Distracted Driving
16:08 Home reno
16:47 Solving the problem
17:28 The angry mob
18:30 Destroying the spider
18:46 Production stories
19:50 End skit / Credits


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